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About David Raaf

I'm the real estate partner who will advocate for you!

Considering construction or renovation and wondering where to start? I can help you with the numbers. I’ve managed a steel service center and first line production orders, and I’ve been an estimator for commercial metal stud and sheetrock construction. I’m technically trained as a structural steel detailer and erection drawing planner/detailer.

I started my own construction company that provided deep foundation support for existing and new construction. I successfully sold the company and became President/CEO of an original manufacturing company in that same industry (deep foundation support). In this role I answered to a Board of Directors—my report card was the financial balance sheet. I bring construction experience and “spreadsheet thinking” to the table.

I enjoy getting to know people—and I really enjoy helping them. I appreciate that everyone has a story. At one point I started an internet radio station that focused on talk radio. Each guest I talked with largely had first-hand information on their subject, including retired military special force, retired CIA, authors, and many other amazing people. I have interviewed many war heroes and patriots. There are a lot of great people and a lot of great stories at Lake of the Ozarks.

I’ve been coming to LOTO since the mid-1960’s and have been a full-time resident since 2010. I know the area well and I still make new discoveries I’m excited to tell people about. Since many buyers and sellers are from outside of the LOTO area or even in another state, I get to share my area knowledge with them. I often partner with long distance owners who rely on my transparency and ability to share information with them despite the distance. My background as President/CEO of a national organization with projects across the country has made me well-accustomed to these partnerships.

I’d be excited to work with you on properties of any size! Let me know how I can help!

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